Urban Poverty

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A partnership as part of the EU Urban Agenda. The objectives are to reduce poverty and improve the inclusion of people in poverty or at risk of poverty in deprived neighbourhoods. Urban poverty refers then to issues related to structural concentration of poverty in deprived neighbourhoods and solutions that need to be designed and applied with integrated approach:

  • place-based solutions: urban regeneration of deprived neighbourhood;
  • people-based solutions: socio-economic integration of people living in neighbourhoods.
  • The focus will be on: spatial concentration of structural poverty in deprived neighbourhoods (and regeneration of these areas), child poverty and homelessness.

Current participants in the partnership are:

Urban Areas

  • Birmingham (UK)
  • Kortrijk (BE)
  • Lille (FR)

Member States

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Spain

Other participants

  • European Commission
  • Region Brussels capital
  • Region Ile de France